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4 Non-Bullshit Strategies To Create A Successful Blog

Why not everyone able to take their blog to next level? Many bloggers often ignore this simple strategy often you can create a successful blog with more readers and more revenue. The key is to find a unique position for your blog content and build a following by staying faithful to this position. When you stand out as unique, readers and revenue will follow. The one reason why blog fail The good news for bloggers …

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How To Get The Most Out Of Ernest Hemingway Writing Tips

Have you ever heard of Ernest Hemingway? Ever wanted to learn what are some of his greatest writing skills and to put it in good practice when it comes to blogging? Well I’m pretty sure many of you’d have heard of him. In case you don’t. Mr. Hemingway was a great American novelist and had won the Nobel Prize in Literature back in 1954. He was famously known for his understated and simplistic writing style …

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50 SEO Terms Every Marketer Should Know

If you plan on creating a website or blog for your business, then the very first thing you need to do is to get yourself familiarize with all the SEO Glossary or SEO terms (Search Engine Optimization) below. SEO deals with the process of optimizing your website and blog in a way that will help you attract more traffic, create more brand awareness, capture more leads and, eventually, make more sales. Therefore, you have to …

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7 Powerful Visual Content That Will Increase Social Engagement For Your Business

Have you ever noticed that there is a great paradigm shift towards the way most content are presented online these days? There are hundreds to thousands of articles being posted on different social media platforms each day and bear in mind that content with images are far more likely to get more exposure and shares. Therefore, if you are not creating something uniquely special to capture your audience’s attention and their interests, I bet your …

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How To Guest Blog Without Google Penalizing You

Guest blogging is a time-honored way of getting new links from reputable sources, but it is important for you to know how to guest blog right way. Did you know that these posts could be hurting your company instead of helping it? Since 2014, Google has been cracking down on guest blogs that are done solely for the purpose of SEO, so let’s talk about how to guest blog in a way that won’t hurt …

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How To Write Great Headlines That Get More Blog Traffic

Do you want to drive more traffic to your site? One of the best ways to do this is by writing great headlines for your blog posts. You could be producing great content that is really valuable for your audience, but if you don’t have great headlines, then people may never know how great your content is. Great content will not do you much good if you don’t attract people to this content with a …

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The 2016 Ultimate Resource List for Content Marketers

[Updated 6/15/2016] If you’re a content marketer or blogger like me, you probably spend a huge chunk of your time looking for good resources to use for your blog. However, the problem we often face is not scarcity, but overabundance. There are just too many SEO tools, too many stock photo websites to choose from, too many writing tools, too many plugins or extensions to install. There are just too much of everything! And this …

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32 Simple Ways To Increase More Traffic & Visitors To Your Blog

If you are running your own business online, getting more traffic to your blog can be quite challenging at times. And if you noticed that your blog traffic is getting a bit low… Don’t worry – this happens to everyone. Instead of spending enough time attracting the right kind of visitors, we’re just a little too obsessed by the idea of focusing solely on selling the product itself or creating other deals in order to …

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How To Increase Blog Traffic Without Spending A Single Dime

Blogging is hard work. There are no two ways about it. It takes a lot of time to write new content that is consistently of high quality for your readers. However, keeping your blog updated with fresh content is necessary if you want your online marketing strategy to success. You need content to not only connect with your target audience, you need it to increase blog traffic. In fact, many SEO gurus out there can’t …

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How To Write In Conversational Tone To Increase Readership

Have you ever spent hours writing a great piece of content. Then you expect to get loads of positive feedback, a spike in traffic coming to your blog and tons of social media engagement, only to find out that none of these happened? And the reason for this is because no one actually read your content? I did, and it sucked. You’re probably wondering why the content that you’ve put so much effort writing isn’t …

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