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How To Win Every Argument On Social Media – The Art Of Arguing

Engaging with consumers is an important part of inbound marketing. It’s one of the reasons why social media has become such an effective tool – it lets you engage directly with your consumers in two-way conversations. This kind of engagement makes your brand appear more personal as it shows consumers that you actually care about what they think. However, not all engagements are positive. There will be consumers who have something negative to say. How …

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How To Choose The Best Social Media For Your Business

As you know by now, using social media for business is practically mandatory. The benefits of using social media to market your brand, engage with your customers, provide customer service, increase brand awareness and build your customer base are huge – so huge that you’re in essence hurting your marketing strategy by not using social media. But the thing is, there are hundreds of social media platforms out there. Even if you narrow it down …

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5 Obvious Reasons to Host a Social Media Contest

I used to work as a social media specialist at a quite successful, local retail chain. Initially I was surprised at how good the business was going even though their products are frankly, a fair bit overpriced. And what I discovered, is that they have mostly very loyal customers that loves the brand very much. But how? One possible answer is that they hosts a lot of social media contests. While there’s a lot that …

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Generate A Booming Hype By Hosting The Right Kind Of Social Media Contest

You know, one of the coolest things a brand can do on social media is to host a social media contest. I mean, what part of a social media contest is not fun? The sense of competition, funny and interesting entries and the best part, winning amazing prizes! The whole point of having a brand social media for your business is to directly engage your customers and get them to interact with your brand, and …

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How To Use Google+ Collections For Social Media Marketing

Google+ has been a very underrated social network for years now – at first it was considered something of a joke, an attempt to copy Facebook and get in on the social network game. However, marketers soon began to realize the huge number of benefits that Google+ provided to its users. For example, the ability to use Google Authorship, which is incredibly useful for getting your content indexed and ranked quickly as well as strengthening …

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Tools and Techniques You Should Already Know in Successfully Managing a Brand Social Media

Proper social media management for branded accounts is a surprisingly difficult challenge – at any given time, you’ll have to make regular updates to the account (changing logos and banners, etc. – the artistic design part), provide daily content, answer queries, and do everything else that goes with the account… for every platform you’re on. Let’s face it: This wasn’t a big problem when you were only on Facebook and Twitter, but there’s a lot …

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7 Social Media Faux Pas That Can’t Be Forgiven

Social media is a powerful platform, but there are some things your customers will never forgive you for. Here are the most important things to avoid, as well as a few strategies to help you keep your customers. 7 Unforgivable Social Media Blunders Not Having A Distinctive Voice: All posts on social media should have the same ‘voice’ – that is, the same overall personality and style of writing. This doesn’t sound important at first, …

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Meerkat and Periscope: How Marketers Use These Apps To Their Advantage

Marketers always get excited when new tools become available to them, something that happens quite often due to the constant advancements being made on a daily basis. The problem is that many of these new tools require marketers to work on new platforms. For example, whenever a new social media platform is released that has promise, marketers must start from scratch and build a user base out of a small list of growing users. This …

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Paving the Road to a Viral Success – Planning Your Social Media Contest

There are a lot of ways to improve engagement using social media. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a social media contest, whether it’s a simple sweepstakes or an outright, full-blown competition. You can drive engagement by encouraging people to take part directly in the contest itself, as contestants for example, as well as by encouraging others to participate through means such as taking part in the vote to determine …

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How To Promote Your Business With Instagram Marketing

You might think you’ve got all the tools you need in your social media marketing strategies, including many that belong to the social media realm, but are you leaving Instagram marketing out because you don’t think it can be effective for your business goals? Among so many types of social media marketing, Instagram is considered the simplest and most successful marketing tool because it focuses on visual appeal. At the beginning of 2015 it was …

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