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Web Vitals: More Metrics for User Experience|May 2020 W1

01/05/2020 – Schema.org Version 8.0 Schema.org 8.0 was officially released this week. Basically, there are a few new markups for education, shipping, and job posting. Here’s the official description shared by schema.org.  Schema.org Version 8.0 05/05/2020 – More Local Content in Google’s Top Stories Box Google’s announcement on Twitter On Twitter, Google SearchLiaison shared that […]

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Google is Reporting Data in GSC for Fewer Pages|April 2020 W4

Hi SEO peeps, this is another week of SEO news and updates. This week the focus is on Google as it is spotted making several tests to its SERPs and also an announcement regarding GSC.  Without further ado, let’s dive in! 28/04/2020 – Google Search Console is Tracking Fewer Pages for Reporting Google announced the […]

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Bad to Opt-Out from Featured Snippet?|April 2020 W3

15/04/2020 – What Happens if You Opt-Out of Featured Snippet? The team at Moz published a case study on opting-out from the featured snippet. This is a pretty good and meaningful experiment to carry out.  To opt-out of featured snippets, they used Google’s data-nosnippet tag. Moz ranking number second after opting out. They lost their […]

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Crawling Unaffected by the Coronavirus|April 2020 W2

07/04/2020 – Crawling and Coronavirus Last week, John Mueller was asked whether the crawling is throttled since the coronavirus outbreak.  John Mueller responded that crawling is not affected by this, but he mentioned that for some sites, he believes there will be lesser crawling because they’re more overloaded. But, John Mueller said that this is […]

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Google Giving Up Ranking Algorithm Secrets to SEO?| April 2020 W1

Hi, SEO peeps and welcome to another week of SEO updates! This week we will keep you updated on the recent search news on coronavirus, as well as spill the tea on a piece of interesting news related to Google algorithms.  Without further ado, let’s dive into it.  7/4/2020 – Google Answers Does Search Behavior […]

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Bing’s New Schema Markup, Google Offers Advice to Sites on COVID-19 |March 2020 W4

Hi, again folks! In this week’s news update, we are seeing a few Google Announcements and news/advice related to the Coronavirus. Let’s dive into it.  19/03/2020 – Easier resubmissions and appeals of ad policy issues Google’s Announcement On the 19th of March 2020, Google announced a new way to appeal to policy issues within Google […]

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March 2020 SEO News Updates W3 – Google Says More Granular Levels of Speed May Become a Ranking Factor

Hi folks, in this week’s SEO news updates, we are spotting a few Google announcements and updates.  Without further ado, let’s get to it.  19/3/2020 – Minute Difference of Speed May Be Decisive in Search Ranking?  Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout earlier this week that Google will be looking at speed metrics […]

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March 2020 SEO News Updates W2 – Corona Virus is Highly Impacting Search Behavious

Hello folks, welcome to a new post of our Weekly SEO News Update! As you can probably tell, we made some big changes to how the update would be presented moving forward. It’s got its own dedicated SEO News tab (amazing I know!), and instead of weekly updates on the monthly SEO Update post,  we […]

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March 2020 SEO News Update W1 – Google Shares The Best Practices for News Coverage on Search

March 2020 SEO News Update – SEOPressor Google Announcement 03/03/2020- New Features in Google Ads mobile app On Tuesday, Google announced two new items to the Google Ads mobile app, namely, optimization score features and dark mode🌌. Optimization Score It is an estimate score of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform. […]

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February 2020 SEO News Updates – Google says URL Length is Not a Ranking Factor

Google said URL length is not a ranking factor and there’s a claim my business option despite having already claimed the Google My Business listing? The start of February sees some pretty confusing news, so let’s get into it. Google Announcements 5/2/2020 – URL Length is not a Ranking Factor? Google’s John Mueller has said […]

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