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A Beginner’s Perspective: Why I Started To Like SEO

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu Hello, everybody! My name is Joanne and I’m a new recruit in the SEOPressor team. In this post, I’ll be documenting my journal of learning SEO as someone who has zero knowledge about SEO. Being a copywriter in SEOPressor, I thought all […]

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Here’s What You Are Wrong About Bounce Rate In SEO

When’s the last time that you visited a webpage and patiently waited for it to load without throwing up your hands in disgust and desperately hitting the back button as if you might get those couple of seconds of your life back if you leave the website fast enough? I’d like to think of myself […]

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8 Content Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned In 6 Months

It has been almost 6 months now since SEOPressor started doing content marketing and I’m not going to lie to you, just like almost everything else in the world, it’s difficult in the beginning. Content marketing is used to tell the brand story, to attract people on search engines, connect with readers through blogs, educate […]

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What Happened To Mobilegeddon? – Uncovering Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

If you’ve had a website up since at least the beginning of the year, then you probably remember how online marketers were scrambling all over the place in preparation for the release of the Google mobile-friendly algorithm update. It was released on April 22nd of 2015 and while it certainly changed the online marketing landscape, […]

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30 Common SEO Questions That You Should Know

I remember when I was first introduced to SEO, besides knowing that it’s something about getting higher rankings on search engines, I had almost zero knowledge about it and had to learn up everything as quickly as possible. Problem was, SEO is a wide-ranging subject that you can’t really master from studying a text book. […]

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The 10 Qualities Of A Good Inbound Marketer [Infographic]

Ever since people started marketing their businesses online back in the early 2000s, one thing quickly become apparent – traditional marketing methods doesn’t work well on the internet. Interruptive marketing strategies like paying for ads, sending spam emails and hard selling methods are not only ineffective, but can get real annoying real quick. Hence, the […]

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Appeasing The Internet God – Does Google Hate SEO?

Every business that markets their brand online knows how hard it is to please Google. There was a time when the God of Internet demands only simple offerings – feed me backlink and keywords, and thou shall rank high in my kingdom. Yet Google gets harder and harder to please by the year. It seems […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Google Freshness Algorithm

At this point, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re already pumping out good quality content on your blog as part of your online marketing strategy. You’re aware of how important good content is to not only generating leads but also to actually capturing the leads you generate; after all, Google rewards good content by […]

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What Is SEO And Why Is It Important To Me? [Layman Edition]

If you are on the internet for whatever reason, SEO is going to benefit you in one way or another, even if you aren’t doing it yourself. This isn’t just limited to big companies. It applies to everyone – whether you’re a marketer, a personal blogger, or even the average internet user. I used to […]

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The 4 Dimensions Of Google Search Results

While I was digging around doing my Google patent research, I have this brief “eureka” moment – I realized that in achieving their goal to provide the best and most relevant search results, Google come up with a slew of algorithms to improve the quality of results returned. But Google also knows that high quality […]

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