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The 4 Dimensions Of Google Search Results

While I was digging around doing my Google patent research, I have this brief “eureka” moment – I realized that in achieving their goal to provide the best and most relevant search results, Google come up with a slew of algorithms to improve the quality of results returned. But Google also knows that high quality results alone is not enough. What is considered “best” is highly dependent on the situation of the user when asking …

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How to Increase Traffic by 286% With Meta Descriptions

As I’ve promised in my last post, today I will be publishing a more detailed guide on how you can write better meta descriptions that can bring you more traffic to your website. In case you have missed out on the little case study that I’ve written on the meta descriptions, you can read it here at: [Case Study] Secret About Meta Description That Can Triple Your Click-Through Rate. I hope by now you already …

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Single Vs Multiple Websites – Which Is Better For SEO? [Infograph]

I used to work at a company that deals with organizing events and exhibitions. They have about 3 major events annually and their events are quite well-known. But the thing is, since each of the events have their own separate website, they have troubles promoting the image of their own company and ended up being known only for their events. There are many similar businesses out there, offering more than one service or product range …

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[Case Study] Secret About Meta Description That Can Triple Your Click-Through Rate

Meta descriptions are dead. This has always been one of the most debatable issues on the web and as you can see that there are many websites said that Google has ignored meta tags as an important ranking signal anymore, which is why some have totally stopped optimizing their meta descriptions and some still believe in doing so. Yes, as the matter of fact we all knew that meta descriptions were once being abused to …

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What Are Canonical Links And Why You Should Canonicalize Your URL

When learning how to best optimize your website for search engines, there seem to have a new jargon or buzzword created every few months and is thrown at you expecting you to already understand what it means. One of the SEO buzzwords we’re looking at today is “Canonicalization”. While this jargon isn’t exactly new, it’s definitely a bit of a mouthful. Some of you might have heard of this word before but don’t know what …

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User Experience and SEO, Here’s What You Need To Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly important for your company’s success. You simply can’t attract the traffic you need to convert leads into an expanding customer base without implementing various SEO strategies. Therefore, today, I am really thinking that… SEO is User Experience, User Experience is SEO!!! Ok, hold your horses!!! Just hear me out on this one: Both User Experience and SEO have the same objective. SEO wants to have high “average time on …

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If You Are Committing These 7 Things, You Will be Penalized By Google

Search engine optimization is something that most bloggers and online marketers are incredibly familiar with and it is the key to stable and reliable web traffic. Now, if you do a little bit of research, you’ll find that there are thousands of people all over the web that claim to know the best SEO methods. The problem with many of these methods are that they are considered “black hat.” There is the right way to …

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Cracking Google Patents for Priceless SEO Gems

While online marketing strategies often consist of different goals, there is one basic underlying goal that every business has – and that is to get more web traffic. It’s why search engine rankings are of such importance – the higher a ranking your site has, the more traffic you’re likely to get. Because Google’s search engine ranking is such a big key to increasing your traffic, paying attention to what Google is looking for is …

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7 Valuable Advice For SEO Beginners

Congratulations and welcome aboard the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ship, or train, whichever you prefer. Whether it’s a ship or a train, the SEO industry is evolving and getting more complicated with each Google update. It took the SEO industry 20 years to get where it is now, so if you’re just starting, you might have some distance to cover and at the same time, keep up to pace with Google. Sounds like a lot …

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Stuffing SEO Strong Tag Does Not Help You Rank At All

Now, SEO communities have been playing with the idea of giving SEO bold tags to as many keywords as possible in the belief that doing so will help them to rank better. However, we know that this method is perceived by Google as being Keyword stuffing, which isn’t good! So to clear the air, we have performed an experiment to show the effects of stuffing bold tags onto keywords, although the keywords density is low. …

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