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Everything You Need To Know About Google Freshness Algorithm

At this point, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re already pumping out good quality content on your blog as part of your online marketing strategy. You’re aware of how important good content is to not only generating leads but also to actually capturing the leads you generate; after all, Google rewards good content by providing your site with better search engine rankings, which helps provide more exposure to your brand. However, the quality of …

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How You Can Generate More Traffic With Affiliate Marketing

While there are numerous ways that you can drive traffic as well as build revenue for your website, instead of PPC. One of the most effective and low-risk methods is by participating in an affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing consists of a strategy in which you partner up with an affiliate that will promote a specific product. You will provide that affiliate with links to your product, which they will use on their website to …

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32 Simple Ways To Increase More Traffic & Visitors To Your Blog

If you are running your own business online, getting more traffic to your blog can be quite challenging at times. And if you noticed that your blog traffic is getting a bit low… Don’t worry – this happens to everyone. Instead of spending enough time attracting the right kind of visitors, we’re just a little too obsessed by the idea of focusing solely on selling the product itself or creating other deals in order to …

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How To Increase 113% Conversion Rate By Using Retargeting Ads

The percentage of leads that are converted after visiting your website are actually very low. On average, only two percent of all visitors are converted. In addition to trying to target more people to visit your website, you should also make an attempt to remarket to those that left your website without being converted. After all, 98 percent is a large number of people to ignore. And just because they weren’t converted the first time …

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6 Valuable Lessons To Avoid Google Penalties

Link Building and Link Earning are two very different things when it comes to building up links to your site and promoting your content. Link Building is the process of getting links back to your site from a variety of sources. This sounds good, but many sites and companies have abused it by trying to add links where they don’t make sense – in effect, cheating the system. Link Earning is similar, but focuses on …

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